Milliman Mind

The agile modelling platform using Excel language.

Milliman Mind is an innovative modelling platform that allows you to design complex models in Excel and put them in production in a few clicks.

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Milliman Mind

What does it do?

Milliman Mind
Design in Excel
Step 1

Design in Excel

With Milliman Mind, you can still design your models in Excel, the most spoken models development language around the world, or leverage one of your existing spreadsheets.

Enhance and run
Step 2

Enhance and run in Milliman Mind

Then upload your models to a unique web & cloud-based solution with no installation required! Milliman Mind will automatically convert your Excel files into powerful C# objects & code for faster calculation while adding up to 20 dimensions (contracts, scenarios, stochastic, ...). A complete set of tools will improve data visualization: charts, dashboards, workflow mode, ... Work as a team on a single project and see live what others are changing.

Full production process
Step 3

It handles your production process

After running your models, a full set of features and tools allow you to handle your production process. A workflow mode will guide your users through the different steps of your models. You can also deploy your models within the company using the extensive administration capabilities of Milliman Mind enabling to define precise taylor-made roles, in just some clicks!

We already handle these models:

Milliman Mind

Benefits of the solution

Easy deployment

Easy deployment

Milliman Mind is built as a web & cloud-based app. It requires no installation on local IT or computers, and can be used on laptop, tablet and even smartphone. Updates are handled 100% by Milliman and can be applied at client's request.

Short time to production

Short time to production

Milliman Mind will reduce the time & efforts required to put your models in production. By reusing existing Excel files, you will not need to recode all your model in a black-box solution, or even longer, perform a specific development...

Easy maintenance

Easy maintenance

Milliman Mind bijectivity with Excel allows designing your model in Excel, convert it to a Milliman Mind project, then being able to comeback to Excel at any time, rework in Excel, and go back to Milliman Mind!

User rights

Customizable rights

Milliman Mind provides customizable rights management feature for company administrators. You can easily manage rights upon projects, and create taylor-made roles for the setting up of robust workflow within your company.


c# Cloud-based

Milliman Mind is cloud-based, powered by Microsoft Azure or any global cloud provider. It provides the highest security standards, scalability, powerful calculation capabilities and easy maintenance. Costs are much lower than on-premise solutions.

Tracable figures

Tracable figures

Milliman Mind improves security of your models with its tracable figures features: A complete audit trail track every changes to the model, you know who imported which input and when as well as you you who validated and signed a project.

Milliman Mind


C# Cloud

C# Cloud-Based calculations

Your Excel models are automatically uploaded to the cloud and formulas are converted into C# for faster calculations. A powerful multi-threaded and AI-based calculation engine will minimize memory consumption and lead to quicker runtime.

C# Cloud

Powerful API

We provide a powerful public API to fully integrate Milliman Mind within your IT mainframe. You can import data, launch complex calculations and export results directly from your internal mainframe. We also provide full documentation to help your in-house developments.

Milliman Mind


Support plan

Support plan included

Support plan is included with each Milliman Mind license. We provide a complete online documentation for features and modelling functions.
A built-in chat inside the tool gives you direct contact with the support team, which is also available by e-mail or by phone.


Milliman worldwide expertise

Today, Milliman is helping companies take on some of the world's most critical and complex issues, including retirement funding and healthcare financing, risk management and regulatory compliance, data analytics and business transformation.
Its worldwide expertise and unique knowledge of Milliman Mind platform will help you build your models in a minimum time and with a maximum agility.

Milliman Mind


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